Dragon's Game Edit

Dragon's Game is written by Nicole R. Gadbery. It's based on medieval times and combines battles for power, the complications of love, struggles with one's self and the unlikely hero into a seemless work of art. Each character is real and lifelike, a rare quality in fantasy novels. There are going to be seven books. The first book is Dragon's Game. This first year of the adventure has seven different narrators, all of which show different sides of the story. Most of the characters are teenagers or younger - only three are adults. Make sure to read the first installment of N. R. Gadbery's bestselling series.

Note By Nicole R. Gadbery Edit

The reason I decided to write Dragon's Game, and soon all the books after it, was because I wanted to write something magical that still had believable characters and plots. Nothing is as it seems, and I think that showing both the side of the villain, the side of the hero and the side of people caught in between will show people that nothing is just good or evil, but a little bit of both. As I will show by Tyrox and Genevieve in a later book, being the hero also makes you a villain.