Dragon's Game Edit

The winds are blowing, the light is leaving, and the Dragon's Game is about to begin. Life is sliding along smoothly in the great peace the king has brought. But order is slipping. In a world where no one knows what the next day will bring it's easy to tip the scales. A war is coming to the kingdom lands of Tarlian, and no one will go unaffected. Wilders from the north must be kept at bay; kingdoms crumble; a child falls prey to an elaborate scheme; a knight commits treason to his own king; two girls are trapped and only one escapes; commoners are caught in webs of lies; and a new queen searches for allies in the desert country. Twists and turns are aplenty, and no one goes unscathed.

About Edit

Dragon's Game was published in 2015 and the TV series is set to begin in 2018. N. R. Gadbery is the author and has also written other books such as Wild and Free, The Last Walk and the well known Magi trilogy. Dragon's Game has recently become a best selling book.

Characters Edit

Of all the components in this book, it is really the characters that make it real. In the book there are seven narrators, or main characters. It begins with Caster Callidrin then moves on to tell the stories of Ali Callidrin, Garrion Callidrin, Edward Nasla, Mayson Drovain, Tyrox Callidrin, Millie Callidrin and Levolyn Silayen. The main characters' ages range from seven to fifty three. There are also many side characters such as Emraleen Drovain, Valeryk Silayen and Sebastian Roberts, all very important to the story. Then there are the seemingly less important characters such as Kallaya or Briggan Ton, who both have bigger parts to play in tge upcoming books. All the characters contribute equally to the story, even the ones that are only mentioned once.